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New T8 LED -
Beam Spread
Light Bulb Beam Angle - Common terms in selecting a light bulb are "Flood" light or "Spot" light. These are designations of beam angle. The beam angle is the degree of width that light emanates from a light source. Specifically: The angle between those points on opposite sides of the beam axis where the intensity drops to 50% of maximum.
Typically a narrow beam angle is a 'spot' of light and a broader beam angle 'floods' an area with light, called a flood light. There are a number of much more specific designations of beam angle. They are not used consistently between all the light bulb manufacturers, but several use this general terminology:
·         Narrow Spot: 05-15 degrees
·         Spot: 16-22 degrees
·         Narrow flood: 23-32 degrees
·         flood: 33-45 degrees
·         wide flood: 45+ degrees